First training of trainers in Poland

On June 15th to 17th 20 teachers, educators and youth workers gathered in Warsaw for a training on hate speech  and alternative narrations as a tool to combat this dangerous phenomenon. During 3-days training participants were wondering how to counteract the hate speech on the Internet, addressed to refugees using alternative narratives.  

We started defining hate speech online and distinguishing it from hate that occured in ofline spaces. Every participant could give expample of experiencing some sort of hate speech or knowing someone who had experienced it. However refugees and migrants are a group that is particulary vulnerable to online harrasement as individuals as a group. In Poland strong anti-refugees narration fed by right-wing groups, media and some politician gave birth to a lot of examples of hate speech online. Those terrible tweets and posts however did not undermined our will to stay firm on the ground of human rights and dignity of all people and act to combat ate.

This was the topic of second part of the training where we were examiing differences between counter and alternative narrations and start to build our own ideas on how to talk about migrants and refugees with young people. What tools can we use? What should be the key message? What outcome we want to see?

It was an inspiring meeting and starting point for undertaking actions that will change our local communities and make us aware of the threats posed by hate speech on the Internet. During summer hilidays we have some time to think what we learned in the training and in September ill go back to Poland to meet agand plan our actual work with young people

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