Four online modules against hate speech for journalists

The European Federation of Journalists has published four online training modules for journalists, media professionals and civil society organisations. The modules focus on journalism practices, guidelines on dealing with hate speech, legal cases on hate speech and freedom of speech and media literacy.

The four publications have been produced as part of the Media Against Hate project, a Europe-wide campaign initiated by the European Federation of Journalists and a coalition of civil society organisations, including COSPE Onlus, Media Diversity Institute (MDI), Article 19, the Croatian Journalists Association (CJA), Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) and Community Medien Institut (COMMIT).

COSPE Onlus, MDI and EFJ have continued their collaboration also in the present project Silence Hate. Changing words changes the world, which restates the importance to prevent online hate speech against migrants and refugees.

Here are some details about the modules and the related links to download them:

Ethical journalism practices on migrants and refugees: this module wants to share existing good practices and encourage ethical reporting. It focuses on the terminology, news angles, sources, the use of audio-visual content and most importantly journalism ethics which are part of the daily practice of journalists.

Inclusion through media: this training module is based on three international media literacy workshops that took places during last year in Austria, Poland and Germany as part of the Media Against Hate project. It is structured around 5 strands linked to the principle of inclusion: direct participation, gender equality, storytelling, language and audience interaction.

Media Against “Hate Speech”: this module aims to help media regulators and law enforcement authorities to carry out their mission while respective the international freedom of expression standards. It contains case scenarios inspired by real-life events.

How to counter hate speech and manage an online community: based on a roundtable on hate speech, migration and journalism held in Italy by COSPE Onlus in 2017, the module stresses the compelling need of media to show responsibility and actively work against hate speech, promoting a paradigm shift through the building of a counter-narrative.

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