Second training of trainers in Poland

It was great to meet again in Warsaw for second training of trainers within Silence Hate project. This meeting was focused on media education and howe to use it in work with young people countering hate speech and creating positive narrations towards immigrants and refugees in our local communities.

On first day we were working with external expert form Modern Poland Foundation who introduced us with several practical tools that can be used in our work like Kahoot, Canva, Flickr etc. We had a Chance to practice those tools and create our own simple materials. We also discussed about role of new media in life of young people, hoe it affects their relationships, schools and facmilies.

On the second day we focused on developing our trainers competences like facilitation, and tackling sensitive issues. It should be noted talking about human rights with young people it’s not always an easy task since the are connected with values. So we were trying to find the best model to provide young people safes pace to share their opinions, discuss but also be organise themselves for taking positive actions in theor local communities.

We left the training with ideas for educational secanrios that we willl apply in our daily work in schools and youth centers to change words and world.

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