Training of trainers in Italy

After Catania and Naples, the “Silence hate” training course for teachers, educators and activists will take place this fall in three different Italian cities: Padova, Bologna and Firenze.

Amnesty International, Centro Zaffiria and Cospe are promoting a 20 hours trainings, which will have the Italian Ministry of Education aknowledgment of credits.

The courses are based on media education, intercultural approach and participatory methodologies aimed at promoting beneficiaries’ active participation to identify clearly their needs and potential benefits. Giving people capacities and tools to make changes is the best way to generate a real improvement towards intercultural dialogue and inclusive communities.

In this context, the role of teachers and educators is crucial. It is necessary to work on education and prevention, helping young people to build up the capacity of critical understanding of the nature and impacts of media messages, to recognize hate speech and its impact on individuals and groups and encouraging them to react both at individual and collective level.

All the information are available here.

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