Internet Festival 2018 in Pisa: video installation against hate speech


Do you think you can talk to a wall? Have you ever raised walls in your life? What is the highest wall you had to overcome in your entire life? Do you think that social media represent a wall for communication?

These are just a few questions that a group of teenagers asked themselves and the people they interviewed going around the streets of Pisa. All the materials they collected, photos, ideas, videos and interviews, were used in a creative and artistic way for the realization of a video installation against hate speech. The event was promoted by COSPE Onlus and Zaffiria within the Internet Festival in Pisa, from 11th to 14th October and gathered several students of the Buonarroti high school in Pisa who worked together with the experts of Cospe and Zaffiria. The festival, which is now at its eighth edition, is one of the greatest events dedicated to the digital world in Italy.

The slogan of the video installation, “Parlo anche con i muri” (I can even talk to walls) describes very well the challenges we often face when we try to communicate and confront with people who have a different or opposite way of thinking. This is why we need to find new and creative keys to open doors in the walls we have raised in our life. Here you can have a look at what these students did.








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