Media education and hate speech workbook

The workbook on media education and hate speech is now available for free download : Bricks_SILENCEhate–ModulePresentation-2018_ENG.

This training module was produced by Cospe and Zaffiria as one of the main outputs of the BRICkS project. The BRICkS module, originally written in Italian, has been tested in several workshops in many Italian schools and youth centres, reaching more than 500 students with positive results. For this reason, the module has been translated into English for the Silence Hate project to reach a greater number of international stakeholders and raise awareness of the European youth about the importance to react to online hate speech in a proper way.

The methodologies adopted have the objective of connecting the problem to the concrete experience of students, to stimulate their ability of critical thinking and their positive action. As a result, the module contains activities and resources to prevent and combat hate on the Internet, it collects concrete solutions and ideas to promote further studies and to engage students and teachers through games of role, videos, and debates.

Starting from October new training courses for teachers and workshops in schools take place in Italy, Poland and Greece. New materials and educational paths will be collected in new training modules against online hate speech.

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