Third Media Education Conference

On 5th November in Poland 3rd Media EduAction Conference was held in Warsaw organised by Modenr Poland Foundation. The event has been focued on media education and thi year’s main topic was „Responsibility for words”. During the conference we were looking at phenomenas related to communication in the wider sense using digital tools. We talked about how by developing media and digital competences, we can change the communication patterns and what are the challenges ahead of education. To shared reflection organsiers  invited researchers, practitioners and young people.

Teachers, librarians, animators and youth wokrers, employees of cultural institutions andnon-governmental organizations interested in media and digital education (around 60 people) took part in the conference. I was an opportunity to exchange experiences, participate in workshops, gaining new knowledge and getting to know inspiring people.

Amnesty Poland was invited there to talk about our experiences within Silence Hate project, tools and methods we use working with teachers and yout workers to takcle prblem of hate speech nolnie with young people. It was a frutifull discussion and opportunity to share our experiences and learn from people coming from all over Poland and discuss with tchem best practices in combating hate speech online.

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