Training of trainers in Greece

Under the Silence Hate program, on the 24th and 25th of November Karpos organized a training workshop for teachers and educators. The workshop’s main aim was to provide a theoretical framework regarding hate speech as well as to introduce tools for the participants to use in their class in order to address hate speech issues. Furthermore, an additional aim was to connect the outcomes of Media Camp to the training.

Our methodology was based on introducing a variety of media, alternative variations and a choice in technological equipment, while at the same time keeping a balance between analogue and digital means.

During the first day the focus was on analysing hate speech, its causes and different types. For the second half of the day the journalists that took part in Media Camp attended the workshop for a discussion and a presentation of their podcast. The latter became the stimulus for creating  audiovisual outcomes on the subject of immigration.

During the second day we selected to address 3 key areas: Point of View, The Complete Picture and Stereotypes. Each of these areas was investigated through practical tasks and further audiovisual outcomes were created.

To measure the impact of this training, Karpos gave out a form of intent at the end of the 2ndday as well as an online evaluation form. In the form of intent the participants were asked to choose two workshops in which they took part during the workshop, one analogue and one digital, which they would like to implement in their class. In the evaluation form most participants thought the strongest aspects of the training were the focus on practical involvement (doing instead of listening), the variety of the modules, the divert means with which the topic was tackled and the team working. Furthermore, what was interesting was the fact that quite a few participants noted a difficulty in implementing modules from the training due to lack of equipment in their school.


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