“Education as a response to racism” in Athens.

Italy- Greece : a conversation between two countries. Education as a response to racism” is the title of the event organised by Karpos on Sunday 9/12 at K44.

The objective was to share challenges and best practices around the subject of the integration of refugees and migrants through education.

Francesca Cesarotti,  Director of Humans Rights Education & Training for Amnesty International (Italy), illustrated  the legal framework concerning the education of refugees and migrants in Italy the last few years.

From Greece Mrs Elena Karagianni, who has extensive field experience, spoke on the conditions of education in the refugee camps, the positive results and the problems they face as well. Mr Kostis Papaioannou, Educator and Former President of the National Human Rights,  spoke on the subject of education in relation to racism and integration placing it in a sociopolitical context. Mr Nikos Meggrelis, Journalist and vice-president of Technopolis, coordinated the conversation.

After the very interesting debate, two interactive workshops followed with the general title «One image, many narrations». «Painting your feelings» led by Alessandra Falconi, Centro Zaffiria, gave the opportunity to the audience to use paint and colors to express themselves and their feelings on an image pr ojected on the wall and thus create a new narrative. «The blind painter» led by Maria Leonida, Karpos, paired up the audience, where one person is describing a photo using non-stereotypical phrases and the other one ‘the blind painter’ has to paint it as realistically as possible and in the end the put the painting and the photo side by side.


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