Silencing hate – How to report migration and counter hate speech

The rise of hate speech in recent years has become a dangerous trend in our society. It poses challenges both to the media professionals and our democratic values in society.

Media attention is often focused on the critical aspects of the presence of migrants and refugees and newspapers do not offer a correct image about migration phenomena: violent language and manipulated news to misrepresent migrants and other minorities reinforce stereotypes and fuel hatred against them.

Media must show responsibility and actively work against hate speech, promoting a paradigm shift through the building of a counter-narrative.

This training module is based on the media camp  organised by the Media Diversity Institute in London in April 2018, with the aim of exercising more accurate and balanced reporting of migration and effective campaigning on the issue. For five days 30 journalists and civil society activists worked on how to give migrants a voice and how to counter discrimination against them. During the Media Camp and afterwards, the organisations gathered in the Silence Hate project, as well as journalists and campaigners around the project, developed tools and principals encouraging more inclusive and more responsible journalism, more balanced and accurate stories and articles about migrants and refugees, more professional publications and broadcasting pieces.

Some of the work done during the Media Camp and during the implementation of 14 small media projects supported by the Silence Hate has been gathered here. The examples, tips, advices and guidelines collected in this module have a purpose to encourage journalism students to discuss and answer some of the dilemmas they might have regarding reporting and campaigning about migrants and refugees.

The training module is addressed to journalists, journalism students, civil society activists and those who want to combat hate speech against migrants and refugees.

Please find here the online module “ Silencing Hate – How to Report Migration and Counter Hate Speech Against Migrants and Refugees

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