Migration through History

By Piotr Barejka

We are not settled in Europe since the dawn of time. Our ancestors came here centuries ago. Some of them settled in Poland. But they were not motionless. Poles are constantly migrating. For safety, better life, brighter future. From the beginnings until now.

Polish history is tough. Bloody uprisings, destructive wars and partitions. People in almost every decade were forced to migrate. They were running away from danger, poverty, political repressions. They wanted to start a new life somewhere or just wait to come back.

The closest direction was Germany. Millions of Poles migrated beyond the western border. Years ago it was a gate to freedom. Complicated and rough one-way journey. Nowadays everyone is free to move. However experience of being a migrant is still similar. Our multimedia reportage focuses on their stories.

Though today Poles live in every part of the world. And people from everywhere started migrating to Poland. It shows our main message. We are all migrants.


For more details about the project, visit the following website: www.mymigranci.com

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