We are all videomakers

By Nicola Melloni (RUMI produzioni)

How can we prevent online hate speech?

The “We are all videomakers” project, realized by RUMI Produzioni, asked Italian students to focus on the online hate speech phenomenon and to analyze the causes and consequences that distinguish it.

Students are all “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, videogames, social media and Internet. They are the so called “digital natives”.

However,  they lack those specific skills that make them able to manage the information and the communication they find on the Internet, without falling in the clickbaiting or fake news traps. 

Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness on what we post on the web, of the photos we decide to share with the digital world and on the relations we create both online and offline. 


During the “We are all videomakers” project, students have interviewed their colleagues  on these issues, and with the support of the videomakers from RUMI produzoni, have produced a short video of awareness raising. 

So, to answer our central question, students believe that online hate speech may be prevented by a widespread awareness raising of the consequences of online hate speech for young people and on  a n education based on the diversity that distinguishes our society.

To watch the full “We are all videomakers” project, you can click here.

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