Let’s tackle hate speech online with our productions!

Video, slam poetry and creative writing: many ways to find creative solutions against online hate speech. More than 350 students have been involved in Prato, Florence, Padua and Bologna by Cospe.

The  workshops were divided in two parts: after a theoretical framework with informal methodologies, the students began to experiment different media techniques and tools to product an individual and responsible content.  The methodologies chosen for the individual activities aim to let students “live the problem”, to link it to their own real experiences, and to encourage them to reason and actively respond. So, through some role playing games and simulations, the students began to think about their experience in the web and issues they face on during their life but usually far from what they learn at schools.

In Prato Cospe worked with RUMI Produzioni and asked students to focus on the online hate speech phenomenon and to analyze the causes and consequences that distinguish it. They have interviewed their colleagues on these issues and the result is produced a short video of awareness raising. Here you can see the backstage of the project and below an extrait of the youth’s production.

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