Creativity against hate speech

During the school year of 2018-2019, around 200 students from 3 different schools in Bellaria Igea Marina and Rimini  (Italy) took part to the workshops conducted by Centro Zaffiria for Silence Hate project. For an amount of more than 100 hours teenagers gathered to discuss several topics as fake news, stereotypes, hate speech, use of social media, listening and mutual respect, the understanding of different points of view and data protection on internet. Those topics were addressed with a creative approach, playing with several languages and giving the opportunity for everyone to express themselves on topics, sharing their points of view and ideas. An example of this approach is “Strategic reactions”, a role-playing card game: kids are invited to take the side of one of the characters (Berto the troll, Moin the gnome and Brandano the elf) helping them to face up to an unpleasant situation given by an aggressive and hateful behaviour of another character. The objective is to develop together strategies to overcome the hateful atmosphere of discussion.

Here some of the results from the laboratories:

More information on the activities can be found on the website

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