Silence Hate final conference in Brussels

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) will organise a final conference on 18 November in Brussels within the two-year EU-funded project “Silence Hate” with partner organisations – COSPE, Media Diversity Institute (MDI), Amnesty International Italy, Amnesty International Poland, KARPOS, Zaffiria, IKME.

Online hate speech is a worrying and complex phenomenon, which has deep cultural and social roots and brings new questions and challenges to the issue of freedom of expression on the web and more.
How can we silence hate without silencing media freedom? What is the role of social networks in controlling  the contents online?  What are the most effective educational strategies for promoting responsible online behavior?

Journalists, educators, academics and representatives of the European Commission and  Google will try to answer to these and other questions. 

Silence Hate project organized a European Media Camp, training courses, didactic modules, workshops and media productions, involving journalists, activists, teachers and youth from the partner countries. 

A detailed agenda is available at this link.

 For more information about the project, visit

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