Silence Hate final conference in Italy

On 13 December 2019 in Bologna took place the final conference held for Silence Hate EU-funded project by Centro Zaffiria. Within the meeting “Adolescenti in immagini: videogiochi, fotografia e app: nuovi racconti per nuovi percorsi” (Youth in images: videogames, photography and apps: new stories for new paths), the first day of the two-days conference was completely dedicated to our project.

How to build digital experiences with teenagers? How to integrate technologies supporting their expressiveness? How to reflect and ask questions to youth about the world, starting from the screens? During the panels and activities addressed to youth, participants have been invited to reflect on these topics.

The final conference has focused on the photography, made even easier (and often trivial) by the means constantly available for the digital public, and thanks to which today it is possible to see a lot of things but to look at – and think on them – just a little. The reflection on photography and its potential, its use during the project-planning with adolescents are both topical issues in the field of education.

Thus, starting from “Coffee Break” and a working group, both leaded by Massimiliano Tappari (artist and photographer), participants had the chance to reflect on the understanding of the world, then through the pictures selected by Francesca Romano Grasso (pedagogue and trainer, she deals with narrative dissemination and community educational projects) they deepened the role of images and photographies among youth. Furthermore, with the panels addressed by Alessandra Falconi (Alberto Manzi Center), Claudio Nicosia (Amnesty International Italy) and Matteo Moretti (designer for Sheldon Studio and professor at the Universities of Bolzano and San Marino) they had also the possibility to understand the importance of building new strategies for combating online hatred by enhancing the creative abilities of the teenagers.

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