Traning materials:

The workbook contains activities, resources and tools for teachers and educators to address the issue of hate speech with their students in order to prevent its dissemination.

The module contains the activities carried out in the schools during the school year 2018-2019. The activities described has been tested with teachers, youth educators and groups during a training on hate speech online in order to prevent its spread.

The manual collects the work against hate speech, carried out by COSPE and Zaffiria since 2014 It updates the previous edition. The handbook contains  22 new didactic modules adressed to teachers and educators. Media education, intercultural approach and active involvement of youth are the guidelines of the manual. All the activities have been tested by the participanting organizations, involving more than 500 students in various italian cities. 

The workbook published by Amnesty International – Poland contains a brief on the construction of narratives with a specific focus on the alternatives in migrants and refugees discursive construction, framing hate speech as a narrative too. After the analytic part, the module offers some tools useful in creating alternative frames on this issue working with youth in some group activities. Here you can reach the english translation of the module.

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