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The main goal of the Silence Hate project is to combat and prevent online hate speech against migrants and refugees by developing a new, alternative and counter-narrative approach on the issue. The most effective way to tackle hatred is through education and debate, involving both the world of journalism and schools.
In this section, we present the media products of the participants at the Media Camp held in London in April 2018 and the results of the workshops addressed to youth in the Poland, Italy and Greece.

Journalists' productions

The Undocumented. A voice to the voiceless:  a series of podcasts produced by Greek journalists that gives a voice to migrants facing hate speech and discrimination.

Integrating Lives – Refugee portraits from Cyprus: a creative initiative that captures portraits of refugees living in Cyprus, through the camera lens, and one-to-one interviews. 

Between two families:  stories of immigrant domestic workers in Greece.

I want to be a green Hulk. What about you?: a project connecting children from Poland to their peers in a refugee camp in Greece.

Migrants flee Libyan “prison” to Tunisia: faced with brutality and rising smugglers’ fees, people temporarily put plans of reaching Europe on hold.

Refugee Football: a hate speech safe haven? Refugees using football as a way to build communities of resistance.

Migration through history: a project about Polish migration throughout history showing that we are all migrants.

My Journey: a reportage about two stories, two migration crisis, that flow in one place: Balkans. 

Portrait Day: a film by Maria Leonida . An insider’s look at a special day inside a refugee camp near Athens where time froze for a day.

We are all videomakers: a project made with Italian students about the importance of raising awareness on the risks of online hate speech.

#BlackMigrantsLivesMatter: the stories of African migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in two former, but still influential capitals of a colonial empire, London and Paris.

schools’ productions

Stop hate. Changing the language can change the world: Polish student’s spot against refugees hatred by Amnesty International Poland.

Hate speech online, a human rights violation towards all: the use of graffiti for combatting hate speech online by Amnesty International Italy.

Creativity against hate speech: a creative approach for hate speech online by Centro Zaffiria.

Let’s tackle hate speech with our production! : playing different media techniques and tools to product responsible contents by Cospe.

Change the message: digital workshops delivered by Karpos in different areas of Greece.

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